Inheritance Tax designed for Individuals

Inheritance service

What is included in our inheritance service

Our Inheritance Tax Plan is designed for owners of Spanish property.

mini-ticComprehensive advice and support with regards to your inheritance procedures in Spain

mini-ticAll necessary meetings to clarify the situation

mini-ticObtaining the necessary paperwork and documentation

mini-ticAcquisition of inheritors´ NIE

mini-ticDivision of the estate  according to the will. If there is no will, this will be done in accordance with the agreement made between the inheritors.

mini-ticInheritance Acceptance deed signed in a Spanish notary´s office

mini-ticPayment of the relevant Spanish Inheritance Tax

mini-ticRegistration at the Spanish Land Registry Office (of the new property owners).

mini-ticPayment of plusvalía (a local tax based on increase in the value of the land)

mini-ticAnswering all your questions on how to prepare your will

mini-ticStudying the situation in order to ensure that the inheritors pay the minimum amount of inheritance tax

mini-ticGiving you a rough estimate of the inheritance tax and costs to be paid.

mini-ticPreparing the content of the will(English and Spanish)

mini-ticManaging the process involved in making a will in Spain (Notary)

mini-ticAccompanying you to the notary

mini-ticFull details of costs

mini-ticTips and Advice on reducing the tax regarding your will

Considering other taxes you must be careful:

mini-ticThere are other taxes to be considered, for example in the case of future sale of properties.

mini-ticCalculation and minimization of your tax bill without breaking the Law.

Inheritance service