[:es]Client Hygiene | ORDEN SND/399/2020, Fase 1 – hacia una nueva normalidad[:en]Client Hygiene | ORDER SND / 399/2020, Level 1 – For the transition to a new normality[:]

Within the Province:

  • Signage indicating 2m distance;
  • Signage advising if it is possible to attend clients individually at a distance of 1m;

  • Hidroalcoholic or disinfectant gels;

  • Self-service area;

  • Testers not available for sale;

  • Changing Rooms;

  • Returning of products

Without specific reason:

  • Markings on the floor or barriers;

  • Once client per worker;

  • Available at entry to the premises;

  • With instructions for use;

  • The worker should avoid touching products;

  • NO if they will be used by multiple clients;

  • 1 person only at a time.  Must be cleaned and disinfected after each use;

  • Must be sanitised before being returned to sale

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