De-escalation of the State of Alarm in Andalucia.

This is a brief resume of the proposed phasing with relation to the de-escalation of the State of Alarm in Andalucía.


May 4th:

Phase 0: Preparation for the transition, in which, in addition to walks for minors and, as from May 2 adults and sports, small premises or establishments will be able to open by appointment, and restaurants for takeaways. Opening for individual training sessions and professional leagues will be allowed. Intensification in the preparation of public premises.

May 11th:

Phase 1: The initiation of certain activities will be allowed in each province. Small businesses, opening of terraces with a capacity limit of 30%, PREFERRED HOURS WILL BE INCLUDED for people over 65, places of worship will limit capacity to one third, centres will be opened for high-performance sport and public transport will recommence. USE OF MASKS HIGHLY RECOMMENDED

May 25th

Phase 2: Interiors of restaurants will be opened but with limited capacity. SCHOOL WILL BEGIN IN SEPTEMBER with certain exceptions. Resumption of hunting and sport fishing. Cinemas, theatres, museums will be opened, with a capacity limit of one third. Cultural events can be held outdoors as long as less than 400 people gather.

June 8th

Phase 3: General mobility is made more flexible and capacity is limited to 50% of commercial activity. Strict conditions of separation are maintained between the public.

It is foreseen that, providing the figures continue in their current trajectory that each phase will last a minimum of two weeks (a month and a half total). And eight weeks for the entire Spanish territory. By the end of June we will be in the “new normal”.

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