Alex Guerrero Salvador

Alejandro Guerrero Salvador

Alejandro Guerrero Salvador

Managing partner of Grupo Salvador.

He is an economist and MBA from the School of Industrial Organization (EOI).

He began his professional career in Madrid, once he finished his studies, where he worked for the multinational ERICCSON, in his financial department. Later, he returns to Almería where he is the director of the administration and finance department of OTAVI IBERICA SPAIN. Finally he joined Grupo Salvador.

Throughout his professional career there are also several stays abroad, mainly in the United Kingdom and the Netherlands.

He has specialized in advising companies, primarily in economic-business and fiscal aspects.

He has extensive experience in business project management and business administration. He is a consultant for several Spanish and foreign companies, in their activities both nationally and internationally.

His entrepreneurial nature has led him to participate as a founding partner of different companies, in sectors such as insurance, real estate and new technologies.

He is part of the Association of Economists of Almeria, where he is a member of the Board of Directors.

He also participates in the Essex Business Club (organization of a group of entrepreneurs from Essex that forms a network of management and organization of business support in Essex), being the only Spanish partner.

Alejandro is also since February 2009 the British Honorary Consul in Almeria, maintaining a close relationship with the British community residing in the province.

In the same way, in his capacity as honorary consul he is part of the Consular Corps of Almería, created in May 2013, composed of the consuls of the different countries accredited in this province.

Languages: Spanish and English.