Grupo Salvador begins to spread the new about the ruling on Inheritance tax

As on other occasions, Alejandro Guerrero Salvador (managing partner of Grupo Salvador) presents “Living in Spain”, which has had an outstanding attendance.


This time, however, the subject of Inheritance Tax of non-residents was of great significance, due to the recent ruling of the European Court of Justice, condemning Spain for not complying with European regulation and forcing Spain to give the same treatment to the rest of European citizens as to their own nationals.

Here at Grupo Salvador we understand the significance of this ruling, because it will allow non-residents to have the same regulation applied to them as to residents and will thereby receive the same fiscal treatment as these concerning Inheritance Tax, disposing of all the differences in treatment that existed to this date.

The presentation was made on the 16th October in Mojacar and was organised by Bullfighting Club of Mojacar, a non-profit organisation that brings together a large number of members, the majority of which are foreigners.


Alejandro Guerrero Salvador spoke on several other topics of interest for foreigners, thus helping them to learn about different issues related to their everyday lives in Spain.

In order to fulfil our task of making information available, Grupo Salvador disseminates any news of interest to the foreign population, enabling them to know their rights and obligations.

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