[:es]Nueva Oficina en Mojácar [:en]Opening of new Office in Mojacar[:]

[:es]Mojacar, 28-septiembre-2013

Debido a nuestra creciente actividad en el levante almeriense, Grupo Salvador ha abierto oficina en Mojacar y desde el 30 de septiembre está operativa para atender a nuestros clientes de la zona.

Disponemos de personal para asesorar en lo relativo a los servicios que prestamos y además se cuenta con el respaldo de todo el equipo de profesionales de Gestoria Salvador.

El horario de nuestras oficinas es de 9 a 14 horas. Para más información pinche aquí

fotoOficinaMojacar[:en]Mojacar, 28th September 2013

Due to an increase of our activity in the Levante Almeriense, Grupo Salvador, has opened an office in Mojacar to provide a better service to our clients in the area.

Backed by the professional support of Grupo Salvador, our staff will assess you in all of the different services that we offer.

Our office is open Monday to Friday from 9:00 to 14:00 hours. If you need further information please click here.


13 comentarios sobre “[:es]Nueva Oficina en Mojácar [:en]Opening of new Office in Mojacar[:]

  1. Goodmorning,
    I would like to know what the costs are to get the Residentia for me and my daughter and what papers I need?
    We alraedy have a NIE number and we are both in the systeem.
    Hope to hear from you,
    Kind regards, Edith Hendriks

  2. We have been having an issue with Almeria , catastral and town hall. I own 2 properties in Los Lucas, El Puertecico, Huercal Overa since 2002. Everything was carried out above board and until the ‘revision’ in 2013 there have been no problems.
    Now I have been arbitrarily allocated, in the land register, land and property that do not belong to me. This includes a public right of way and an historical threshing circle that belongs to the village. Worst of all someone else’s business!.
    Despite using a gestora, notario and talking to the oficina de catastro in the town hall – WE have had to find all of the information. It is clear. My own houses have been re-allocated to me to pay the IBI bill (happened immediately). The catastro refuses to take my name off of the other land which belongs to the village and my neighbours. It has cost us over €8000 so far. We have no money now to pay that which is mine. We don’t know what else to do or how to proceed further. We have petitioned the hacienda through my wife’s tax lawyer, she has had her tax rebates commandeered for land and property that obviously doesn’t belong to us. We have visited the catastral office at the town hall with the neighbours who are also affected (Spanish, 86 years old, 4 generations of living there), with escrituros residencias, paid receipts all documents: the result the Spanish shoulder shrug. Repeated by the person we hired to sort this out. Where do we go apart from the media? We cannot afford to keep paying and now I am blacklisted in Madrid for not paying IBI on property I do not own. HELP is needed what can we do? Hopefully this will get to the British Consulate in Almeria

  3. Hi I have form S1 from UK pensions dept and now need to get an NIE, Padron and Spanish healthcare and residency, Can you advise me on this and what would the cost be

    1. Dear Donald Rosie, my collegue will answer you back and send you an email explaining it all. Please let me know if they have contacted you already? Thanks

  4. Good morning,
    I am a UK citizen who has just moved to Mojacar.
    I am 62 years old and single, I am currently residing in a rented apartment in Mojacar and have a 6 month contract.
    I intend to purchase a villa in the Almeria province at some point in the future.
    To this end I am looking for assistance to obtain the required documentation, NEI etc and as your company appears to be well regarded thought I would come to you first.
    Please advise when it would be convenient for me to come to your office to start the process.
    Graham Harman
    +44 7802 911515

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