COVID-19 CRISIS TIP No 6. How many?

There have been a lot of posts and a lot of discussion over how many people may travel in a car during the quarantine period. The general rule is 1 person ONLY. HOWEVER, there are exceptions to this rule under circumstances…
A) If you are a single parent with a dependent child (under 8yrs), you make take the child with you 

 B) If you are accompanying a disabled person who is unable to drive themselves, you may drive them.

 C) If you are collecting someone from the airport (eg) to facilitate their return to their registered place of habitual residence (ie home), you may do so but you MUST carry with you proof of their flight and ideally copy of their boarding card as proof that this is a necessary journey. THIS IS BEING INTERPRETED DIFFERENTLY IN DIFFERENT AREAS BUT THIS WAS THE UNDERSTANDING AT THE TIME OF WRITING

 D) If you are travelling back to your habitual place or country of residence

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